Create a Structured Plan for Distributing Your Assets

Take advantage of Asset Protection in Weatherford, TX

Maybe you want to leave your savings to your children when you're gone. But you're concerned that they won't manage your estate properly. Trusts are a legal option that will help you divide your assets with the guidelines you want. Asset Protection encompasses trusts, deeds, business entities, and any other vehicle that shields a person's assets from the public and/or creditors and/or the taxing authorities.

Jennifer S Ruelas, Attorney at Law helps with all aspects of estate planning and can help you create a trust in Weatherford, TX. Whether you want to provide for a minor child or a loved one with special needs, attorney Ruelas will help make sure your beneficiaries are taken care of.

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What can you do with a trust?

What can you do with a trust?

Not sure if trusts are the right choice for your estate? Consider the advantages of setting up a trust to handle your assets:

  • You can put conditions on when, how and to whom your assets are distributed
  • You can help reduce or eliminate estate and gift taxes, making sure as much of your assets reaches your beneficiaries as possible
  • You can help your loved ones avoid the delay, hassle and cost of probate court

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