Designate a Trusted Individual to Make Decisions for You

Set up a power of attorney in Weatherford, TX

Do you know what will happen to you if you're ever incapacitated and unable to make decisions? By creating a power of attorney, you can choose a trusted person to act on your behalf if disaster strikes.

Turn to Jennifer S Ruelas, Attorney at Law when you need estate planning services in Weatherford, TX. Attorney Ruelas will work directly with you to make sure your needs are met and your power of attorney gives you the protection you want. You can create an extensive power of attorney that covers all of your financial, medical and legal decisions or set specific powers according to your wishes. Contact attorney Ruelas today to get started.

Customize your power of attorney however you want

Customize your power of attorney however you want

One of the biggest advantages of a power of attorney is that it can be personalized to you and provide peace of mind. You can...

  • Create a limited or springing power of attorney that lasts for a set time frame or under specific circumstances
  • Choose a durable power of attorney that will last a lifetime if you have a person you know you can trust with important decisions
  • Limit your power of attorney to specific decisions related to health care, banking transactions or real estate
  • Depending on your needs you can get a power of attorney for¬†statutory durable, durable, medical, limited, to name a few
  • Medical POAs allow you to designate an agent to assist you with your medical care in the event you are not able to. Without them, your care is subject to whatever laws are in place for your minimal protection which may/may not be counter to your wishes.
  • POAs can also help those who are able.¬†For example, military members or others heading overseas for work should have POAs in place beforehand to ensure they are protected. Even something as simple as talking with a phone company becomes more difficult when a power of attorney is not in place because, unless you are on the account as either a joint holder or an authorized person with whom they may speak, even your spouse may not be able to assist you in handling your affairs when needed.
  • POAs can avoid the need for guardianship if you have diminished capacity and need assistance with medical or financial decisions. The guardianship process requires legal proceedings which can be costly and time-consuming.

If you decide you don't need your power of attorney anymore, you can also revoke it at any time. Make sure you have a plan for the future by contacting Jennifer S Ruelas, Attorney at Law for estate planning services today.