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Disputes often lengthen the probate process and make the process much more expensive. These disputes often negatively impact the family relationship.

Who Is Able To Contest A Will Or The Estate?

Any interested party is able to contest a will or estate. And interested party is someone who received the benefit, a creditor, or a beneficiary. Interested parties can also be someone who receives an indirect benefit.

What Are The Best Ways That Your Firm Will Help Resolve Probate Disputes And Hopefully Avoid Litigation?

Many times, you cannot avoid litigation, if dealing with someone who is unreasonable. The best way to avoid it is to create an estate plan first and keep it updated. With every life change, make sure your estate plan is updated.

You want to make sure that if you are executing a will that you avoid as much appearance of undue influence or appearance of lack of capacity at the time of execution. Make sure that they’re executed properly in an accordance with the law. Make sure that there is no conflicting language in your documents. They should all be witnessed and notarized too.

How Can A Texas Probate Attorney Help Our Probate Case?

You need an attorney to probate your case. An attorney can help facilitate a smoother process. There are statutory deadlines you need to meet when you are probating, and that attorney will be the one who will have to meet those deadlines and works with the courts to facilitate the whole process itself. A probate attorney also will be able to answer these questions, if they need to deal with creditors. In addition, an attorney can help with administration of the estate.

An attorney will tell you what kind of probate process that you need to do and avoid the cost of doing more than what you actually need to do. If there is any contest, an attorney will represent and defend the applicant to facilitate a negotiation. If you must go to trial, the attorney will also assist you through that process.

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