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Hiring A Probate MediatorIn this article you can discover:

  • Whether both parties have to agree on a mediator.
  • When the best time to hire a mediator is.
  • If compromise is necessary for mediation to be successful.

Typically, both sides must agree on a mediator for their case. If both parties cannot agree on a mediator based on the options provided by each side’s counsel, then there would be a court-appointed mediator. But in most cases, the client’s attorneys can agree on a proper mediator.

When Is The Best Time To Hire An Alternative Dispute Resolution Probate Mediator?

Finding the right time to hire a mediator depends on what type of case you have. Suppose you are going through a divorce or something related to family law. In that case, a mediation attorney may be in your benefit to retain. If a case involves a misdemeanor or felony, hiring a mediation attorney will not help you in your case.

Before trial, most courts will make you go to mediation to narrow the issues in preparation for trial. Usually, cases are settled in mediation before an upcoming trial.

What Is Your Relationship As The Parker County Texas Probate Mediator With Each Party?

As the Parker County Texas Probate Mediator, I am a neutral person that does not take sides in a case. As a mediator, it is my job to facilitate an amicable solution for the parties in mediation.

Will There Be A Separate Probate Attorney During Probate Mediation In Weatherford, Texas?

Having an attorney is excellent, but there are cases where an attorney does not represent everybody. So I have to be able to, as a mediator, relate to each of them as they come to the table.

How Long Does Mediation Of A Probate Matter Generally Take In Texas?

It depends on their matter specifically. If there are just one or two topics to resolve, it may be a shorter resolution period versus 10-20 issues. It just depends on the case.

Should We Expect To Compromise During The Mediation Process Of A Probate Dispute?

The purpose of mediation is for both parties to find common ground to resolve their issues. You should skip mediation and go to court without seeking to compromise. Mediation is designed for people looking to keep matters private and find a compromise to their issues.

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