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Common Real Estate Disputes MediatedIn this article you can discover:

  • The most common real estate disputes in Weatherford, Texas.
  • If mediation is required in Texas.
  • Whether engaging in mediation forfeits your right to a trial

Common real estate disputes that require mediation in Texas include:

  • Contract issues regarding the sale;
  • Property disputes;
  • Easements;
  • Neighboring boundary lines;
  • Mineral rights;
  • Land issues related to the oil and gas industry;
  • Surface rights owners.

Commercial And Residential Real Estate Disputes Throughout Texas

As a real estate mediator, I handle both commercial and residential estate disputes and a combination of both.

Is Mediation Required In Real Estate Dispute Matters In Texas? What Is In A Mediation Clause?

Some buy/sell agreements on real estate have a mediation clause. This means that before anybody files a suit, they are required to mediate. You’re not required to negotiate unless the contract says you have to, and you’re not needed to intervene.

Do Both The Buyer And Seller Have To Agree To The Mediation Process For A Real Estate Mediator To Step In In Texas?

Yes. You will not get anywhere if they don’t agree to the process. If you can’t get them to come to the table by agreement, you’re not going to get an understanding in the end.

Does Engaging In A Real Estate Mediation Dispute To Mediation Forfeit My Right To Go To Court If Any Claims Do Not Get Resolved In Mediation?

Submitting your real estate dispute to mediation does not exclude you from the opportunity to go to trial. Typically, mediated settled agreements are upheld based on precedent from the Texas Supreme Court. Suppose a topic was not covered or resolved in the negotiated settlement agreement. In that case, those issues can continue to the court.

Seeking A Real Estate Dispute Mediator In A Texas Real Estate Issue?

From an economic standpoint, mediation is cheaper than going to trial emotionally and financially. It is frequently quicker getting to a mediate and settlement agreement and resolution than waiting around for a court to finally get you on their docket. A trial’s down the road next year or whenever. So it’s quicker and more economical, giving you a say in a resolution.

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